St. Mary’s P.T.F.A. began it’s life in 2010.  It is made up of a group of Parents, Teachers and Friends from St. Mary’s School and it’s Community, who arrange fundraising activities to raise additional funds for the Children and their School. We have two aims: To ensure our Children have the best additional equipment and fun filled outings possible and secondly, the obvious one,  to fundraise for all of the above, which brings our communities together. We achieve our aims via raffles, cakes sales, social events such as quizzes, discos and the summer fair etc… Any funds raised are spent on the children and their environment.

We have made a positive impact with the Children and their School surroundings. We have purchased books, crafts and sports equipment, we have contributed to school trips thus reducing the cost to parents and purchased gifts for special occasions such as the Christmas Panto and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Our proudest achievement to date is purchasing the trail equipment in the playground. Anyone visiting the school will have notice how much the children love it!