The Salford Diocese are looking at ways that can help parishes deal with some of the impact of the pandemic and ways to help parishes function more effectively with any longer-term impacts.

We are receiving enquiries from parishioners who have asked us how you can continue giving to your parish during the pandemic. Parishes still greatly need your support, even more so without their weekly congregations and visitors.

Offertory Envelopes, Mass intention etc, can be posted through the letterbox of the presbytery at St. Mary’s and St. Richard’s Church.

We do recognise that many parishioners may be in a different financial position than they were previously or struggling financially, and there is no expectation to give where you are unable to do so.

If it is appropriate for you to consider now you can donate to your own parish by the Diocesan Website  The ‘donate’ button is found in the top right-hand corner of the main page when on a desktop and it directs you to this page.

Visitors to the donations page will find two options:
1. Setting up a standing order
2. Make a donation

Make a donation: Visitors to this page will see five options.

Four picture options for specific diocesan funds and the ability to search for a specific parish ie. Saint Robert of Newminster, ManchesterYou will notice when searching for your own parish that the address listed on the forms is the Cathedral Centre. This is for administrative purposes to meet the requirements of the financial services authority.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to donate to your parish during this difficult time.

Fr. Michael Dever
Parish Priest