Sacramental Programme

Each year in October the parish begins its preparation for the sacraments of First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion. Much of the work of preparation is done in school, but the parish and the home have an important role to play in helping our children understand what it means to share in Jesus, the Bread of Life for the first time.


The time of preparation for sacraments is an opportunity for us all to be renewed and nourished in our own faith journey. We look forward to the parents and children on the programme and we pray every blessing for you and your family

Sacramental Programme Dates

Subject Meeting Date Church Celebration
Presentation/Baptism 24/01/18 at 7pm Sunday 4th Feb. @ 11am Mass
The Penitential Rite 28/02/18 at 7pm Tuesday 6th March @ 7pm Sacrament of Reconciliation
 The Liturgy of the Eucharist  09/05/18 at 7pm Sunday 13th May at 1pm. First Holy Communion 
 The Concluding Rites 20/06/18 at 7pm  Sunday 24th June at 11am. Celebration Mass followed by party for the First Communion class