Sunday 5th July 2015


St. Mary of the Angels & St. Clare, Elbow Street, Levenshulme, M19 3PY.           0161 248 8836

St. Richard & St. Robert, Sutcliffe Avenue, Longsight, M12 5TN.                            0161 224 1498

Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Dever –  (Residence: St. Richard’s Presbytery)

Fr. David Egan (Chaplain to Central M/c Hospitals) – Tel. 0161 224 1895 (Residence: St. Mary’s Presbytery)



                                 “Stay with us, Lord, on our Journey”




SUNDAY 5th July

9.30am Mass at St. Richard’s

11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s


MONDAY 6th July

9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s


TUESDAY 7th July

9.30am Mass at St. Mary’s



9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s



9.30am Mass at St. Mary’s


FRIDAY 10th July

9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s


SATURDAY 11th July

11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s followed by

Novena to our Lady of Perpetual Help


5.00pm Vigil Mass at St. Richard’s

6.30pm Vigil Mass at St. Mary’s



Saturday 11.30am to 12noon at St. Mary’s

Saturday 4.30pm to 4.50pm at St. Richard’s


Feast of the Week

Monday 6th July: Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr

Thursday 9th July: St Augustine Zhao-Rong, Priest, Martyrs

Saturday 11trh July: Saint Benedict, Abbot,

Patron of Europe


Pray for the Sick and Housebound and those who are known to you. May the Good Lord strengthen and comfort them. Pray also for all who care for the sick.


Grant eternal rest to those who have died recently.

Tom Moriarty, Jim Toland, Tom Bruen, Argena Acrisi, Margaret Meehan.


Let your face shine upon those whose anniversaries are at this time. Annamma Mathew, Thomas Davies


Birthday Remembrance Maureen Daly (3rd July)


ST. RICHARD’S SUMMER FAIR takes place today (Sunday) at 12noon in the grounds of St. Richard’s Church. Everyone welcome.



THE WORD THIS WEEK. A prophet’s job is .to open people’s eyes to the reality of their situation ‑ pointing out to them the things they would rather forget or ignore. A prophet is a sort of “national con­science”, always awake to situations of injus­tice and always speaking out about them. A prophet is commissioned to do this by God, who sends the prophet on his mission, Jesus is just such a prophet ‑ teaching and preaching about the Kingdom of God and the best way to live. Despite the welcome his message has received elsewhere, when he comes to his hometown he is faced with rejection ‑such that “he was amazed at their lack of faith.” It is curious is that they seem to accept his wisdom, and his miracles, but because he grew up among them they cannot accept him as a teacher from God. We should remember that it is often hardest to stand up for the truth among those who know us well.


PREPARING THE WAY CONSULTATION 2015: As promised in the recent Pastoral Letter from Bishop John the diocesan consultation is now ready and will remain open for several weeks. It can be accessed at where responses can be entered directly onto the electronic form. This is the best way to complete the questionnaire, since the system will also do the analysis of responses. For those who do not have access to a computer, paper copies of the questionnaire can be obtained from the back of church. As well as your individual responses, we have been asked to provide a collective response from the parish and so we will have a parish meeting for this purpose for St. Mary’s and St. Richard’s on Wednesday, 15th July at 7pm in the Meeting Room of St. Mary’s Presbytery. Please submit all responses by the deadline of Friday, 7th August, 2015.


SECOND COLLECTION NEXT WEEKEND for the Apostleship of the Sea. (Sea Sunday 12th July 2015). The Mission to Seafarers works tirelessly to provide help and hope to seafarers in distress in 71 countries worldwide. In 260 ports, from Southampton to Sydney, every day the world’s 1.5 million crew men and women look out for the Mission’s ‘Flying Angel’ flag. The Mission is universally trusted to be of service for everyday problems and in maritime emergencies.


 LUNCHTIME ORGANISERS REQUIRED FOR SEPTEMBER 2015. The post involves supervising pupils at lunchtime in the dining room and playground. The post is for 7.5 hrs. per week, 1.1/2 hrs daily Monday to Friday, term time only. Applicants will be expected to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service check prior to appointment. Please contact St. Richard’s School on (0161) 224 5552.


CONGRATULATIONS to Brendan Donelon on his “Call to the Bar”. Brendan will take up his position as a Barrister after the summer. We all wish him every success.


Items for the Bulletin can be left at the presbytery or emailed to by Thursday midday at the latest. The weekend bulletin is published on Friday mornings.


Preparing the Way Consultation 2015


Welcome to the Consultation


Soon after I came to the diocese, I promised a formal consultation on a number of key matters. These were set out in a document entitled Preparing the Way which you can find on the diocesan website ( if you have not already seen it.


I have begun to address some of the matters raised in that document but others can only be tackled once some principles have been established. So there are a number of significant areas of diocesan life about which I would welcome your views.


Please answer the following questions to assist me in the task of making decisions and establishing priorities for the future development of the diocese. Please submit your responses by Friday 7 August. Thank you.


+John Arnold

Bishop of Salford





As a registered charity, the diocese has a Trustee Body which currently comprises the bishop and six clergy trustees.


  1. Do you agree with the suggestion that we should appoint some lay diocesan trustees?

Yes   □    No   □

Canon Law (Church Law) either requires or allows for the bishop to set up a number of consultative bodies. One such body is a Diocesan Pastoral Council, which we do not currently have. This Council would comprise of clergy, religious and laity, representative of the whole diocese and gathering at least annually (presided over by the bishop) to consider matters relating to the pastoral works of the diocese.

2. Would you agree that we ought to establish a Diocesan Pastoral Council?

Yes   □   No   □

3. Would you agree with a proposed membership of one priest, one religious, one lay man and one lay woman from each of the eight deaneries?

Yes   □    No   □

If No, what membership would you suggest?


 4. Should we seek to establish a pastoral council in each of the eight deaneries from which membership of the diocesan pastoral council could be selected?

Yes   □   No   □


The Sacrament of Confirmation

After 25+ years of confirming children at the age of 7 or 8, we are now required to rethink our approach. The Bishops of England and Wales are seeking approval from Rome to set age limits within which children may be confirmed and, if approved, our current practice will no longer be available to us. Each diocese will then need to decide when, within those limits, our young people are to be offered Confirmation.


5. If our current practice is no longer available to us, at which of the following ages would you prefer that our young people were confirmed? [Choose one age group only]


10 to 11 (Top end of Key Stage 2)   □             12 to 14 (During Key Stage 3)   □


14 to 16 (During Key Stage 4)          □             16 to 18 (Sixth Form years)        □


6. Are you aware of any suitable catechetical materials for preparing our young people for Confirmation at your preferred age? 

Yes   □    No   □

If Yes, please give brief details here:



7. Should we:

a. Have a limited “season” for Confirmation (e.g. Easter through to Summer)?   □


b. Spread Confirmation out across the whole calendar year (excluding Lent)?      □



First Reconciliation and First Communion


Moving Confirmation from its present place will require a re-writing of our current preparation materials (or the selection of commercially available resources) and this gives us opportunity to think about the Sacramental Programme in more detail and consider whether or not to make other changes.


8. Should we keep the celebration of First Reconciliation and First Communion at the present age (Year 3 children)?

Yes   □    No   □

9. If No, what age do you consider most suitable for the celebration of these sacraments?

8  □     9  □     10  □     11  □


10. Are you aware of any suitable catechetical materials for preparing our young people for Reconciliation and Communion at your preferred age? 

Yes   □    No   □

If Yes, please give brief details here:



Permanent Deacons

Salford is the only diocese in England and Wales that does not have permanent deacons. Previous discussions about introducing this ministry have only involved the clergy and the decision was taken not to promote this. Changing times mean that we ought to at least think this through again and it is appropriate to raise the matter with all members of the diocese (not just the clergy). Permanent deacons are not a substitute for priests, nor a substitute for lay volunteers; they are ordained ministers to whom particular roles can be assigned.


11. Would you welcome the establishment of the Permanent Deacons in the diocese?

Yes   □    No   □

12. If you answered Yes to question 11, have you any specific areas of pastoral work in mind where we ought to concentrate the diaconal ministry? 

Yes   □    No   □

If Yes, please give brief details here:



13. If you answered No to question 11, please give any reasons you can as to why we should continue not to offer this opportunity for ministry.





 Lay Involvement and Formation

It is evident that more lay people need to get involved in the life of our parishes and other institutions if we are to become the “missionary disciples” that Pope Francis invites us to be. There are a range of opportunities for people to be of service to the Church and to one another but there is also a need to train people to take up these roles.


14. In order to provide training and formation for lay volunteers, should the diocese: [Please choose your preferred option]

a. Employ one or more professionals to oversee this?   □

b. Expand or amend the brief of current diocesan employees to cover this?   □

c. Look for a team of volunteers (perhaps in each deanery) to co-ordinate this?   □


15.  Should we look to establish a Parish Leadership Group (comprising clergy and laity) in each parish?     Yes   □   No   □


16.Should we seek to transfer the bulk of responsibility for parish administration from the clergy to lay people?     Yes   □   No   □


17. Would you think it appropriate to set up a diocesan team for youth ministry?

Yes   □   No   □


18. Do you think lay people should take the lead in developing work with other Christian churches and with people of other Faiths?    

Yes   □   No   □



 Over many years we have developed a strong sense of a family of schools across the diocese.


19. Are we right to continue operating from the philosophy of Catholic schools being predominantly for Catholic children?     Yes   □   No   □


If No, what philosophy ought we to adopt?





 Vocations to Priesthood and Consecrated Life

 We certainly need to develop a culture of vocation across the diocese if we are to see a growth in the number of people coming forward for priesthood and consecrated life.


20. Have you ever given thought to whether or not you had a vocation to priesthood or consecrated life?     Yes   □   No   □

If Yes, please give brief details of how you pursued this




 21. Have you ever suggested to someone else (directly) that they should be thinking seriously about a vocation to priesthood or consecrated life?     Yes   □   No   □

If Yes, do you know how they responded to this suggestion?




 22. Do you think that our diocesan vocations team produces enough appropriate material to promote vocations?     Yes   □   No   □

If No, please give details here of what else you think ought to be produced or done




 Wardley Hall

 There is a tentative plan to use Wardley Hall as a place of pilgrimage during the forthcoming Jubilee Year of Mercy. After that, it will be possible to look at broadening the use of the Hall on a more permanent basis but an expansion of use (which may include development of other buildings on the site) could be quite costly.


23. Would you be happy for further investment to be made so that Wardley Hall (and adjacent buildings) can be open to greater usage by priests and people of the diocese?

Yes   □   No   □


If Yes, please note here any ideas you have about what that “greater usage” might entail:



Diocesan Development Plan

 The current plan (written in 2003 and revised in 2008) relates to the deanery structure and the configuration of parishes (clusters, amalgamations and closures).


24. Please share any thoughts you have about the most appropriate ways to involve lay people (as well as clergy) in any consultation process about specific changes to a parish.




25. Should we expand the Development Plan to also include what is proposed (or already happening) across a range of diocesan activities?     Yes   □   No   □


26. Would you welcome an Annual Report from the diocese which contains details of the implementation of the Development Plan and a financial statement from the diocesan Trustees?     Yes   □   No   □


Other Matters


27. If there is anything else that you would like to share with me briefly during this consultation process, please do so here:










If you want to give a fuller answer to any of the questions asked here, please send your additional responses by e-mail to or by post to Wardley Hall, Wardley Hall Road, Worsley, Manchester M28 2ND


 About Yourself

Whilst you are perfectly welcome to submit this response anonymously, it would be useful to have the following information:


28. Gender:   Female   □     Male   □


29. Marital Status:    Single   □     Married   □     Separated   □     Divorced   □


30. Age:   Under 16  □    16-18  □    19-25  □   26-35  □   36-45  □   46-55  □           56-65  □   66-75  □   76-85  □   86+  □


31. Religion:   Catholic   □     Other Christian   □     Other Faith   □     None   □


32. Within the Church, are you a:   Lay Person   □     Priest   □     Religious   □


33. In which area of the diocese do you live?


Blackburn with Darwen   Manchester (Central)  
Bolton   Manchester (North)  
Bury   Manchester (South)  
Calderdale   Oldham  
Lancashire (Preston)   Rochdale (inc Heywood & Middleton)  
Lancashire (South Ribble)   Salford  
Lancashire (Hyndburn)   Stockport  
Lancashire (Burnley)   Tameside  
Lancashire (Pendle)   Trafford  
Lancashire (Rossendale)   Wigan  


34. Optional Information


Email Address  
Phone Number  

Image as described above