Sunday 17th July 2016

St. Mary of the Angels & St. Clare, Elbow Street, Levenshulme, M19 3PY.      (Parish Office) Tel. 0161 248 8836

St. Richard & St. Robert, Sutcliffe Avenue, Longsight, M12 5TN.         Tel. 0161 224 1498

Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Dever – Tel. 0161 224 1498 (Resident at St. Richard’s Presbytery)

Resident at St. Mary’s Presbytery Fr. David Egan – Tel. 0161 224 1895 and Canon David Ryder – Tel. 0161 225 9840 (Chaplains to Central M/c General Hospitals).   



                “Stay with us, Lord, on our Journey”



 Sunday 17 July

   9.30am Mass at St. Richard’s.

11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s


 Monday 18th July

9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

1.30pm Funeral Service for Rose Anne Kennedy at St. Mary’s

Tuesday 19th July 9.30am Mass at St. Mary’s

7.00pm School Leavers Mass at St. Mary’s

 Wednesday 20th July 9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Thursday 21st July 10.30am Funeral Mass for Peter Hodkinson at St. Mary’s

Friday 22nd July  9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Saturday 23rd July 11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s

5.00pm Vigil Mass at St. Richard’s & 6.30pm Vigil Mass at St. Mary’s



Saturday 11.30am to 12noon at St. Mary’s

Saturday 4.30pm to 4.50pm at St. Richard’s

Feasts of the Week

Tues. 19th July: Saint John Plessington, Priest and Martyr

Wed. 20th July: Saint Apollinaris, Bishop and Martyr

Thurs. 21st July: St Lawrence of Brindisi, Priest and Doctor

Fri. 22nd July: Saint Mary Magdalene

Sat. 23rd July: Saint Bridget, Religious, Patron of Europe

Saint John Plessington John was born in the north of the Diocese in 1634 or 1637, and studied for the priesthood in Valladolid, being ordained in 1662. He worked first at Holywell, in North Wales, before moving to Cheshire. He was arrested, tried and executed in Chester in 1679.


Pray for the Sick and Housebound and those who are known to you especially Jimmy Tierney. May the Good Lord strengthen and comfort them. Pray also for all who care for the sick.


Grant eternal rest to those who have died recently.

Rose Anne Kennedy, Peter Hodkinson, John Hession.


Let your face shine upon those whose anniversaries are at this time. Kevin Ryan, Jordan McDonagh (Baby), Eddie Kirby, Helen Tolan, Miles Dixon, Sean Devaney, Dave Williams.


Birthday Remembrance: Sarah Clynch


THE WORD THIS WEEK: Sacred Hospitality is our theme: as the letter to the Hebrews says: remember always to welcome strangers, for by doing this some people have entertained angels without knowing it. True hospitality lies in two things: first the welcome, encouraging the stranger to enter the house and be at home there: secondly, the gift – not just of food or drink, but of time: listening to the stranger, and giving of ourselves to them. This is what makes hospitality costly, but holy, and a true service of Jesus Christ.


SCHOOL LEAVERS: Next Wednesday, 20th July Year 6 pupils will be leaving St. Mary’s Primary School and St. Richard’s Year 6 children on Friday, 22nd July. We wish them well in their new schools. The jump from primary to secondary education is always a major change, adjustment is necessary. We hope that our boys and girls will look back fondly on their time at St. Mary’s and St. Richard’s.The teachers and governors always tried to give of their very best towards their formation, we to will miss them, but the cycle goes on as new boys and girls are welcomed to Nursery and Reception in September. All are invited to a special Mass of Thanksgiving on Tuesday evening 19th July at 7.00pm in St. Mary’s Church.


COMMEMORATION CONCERT: On Saturday 13th August, the Irish World Heritage Centre, 1 Irish Town Way, Cheetham Hill, M8 0RY will be holding a 1916-2016 Commemoration Concert in association with the Hallé Orchestra. This open-air concert offers a lively programme of classical and traditional Irish music reflecting upon the centenary of progress and creativity since 1916. Tickets available from Bridgewater Hall via online link, by phone 0161 907 9000 or in person at Bridgewater Hall Box Office. Prices: Adults £25 unallocated seating in the stands/£20 in grassed area.


ST. MARY’S OFFERTORY COUNTERS NEEDED: Volunteers required to help with the counting of the weekend collections after the 11 o’clock Mass on Sundays. Would be required every fifth week for approximately one hour. Please contact Richard Molloy on 07791 925 190 anyone interested.


TRIP TO CHESTER: Churches Together in Levenshulme on Saturday, 3rd September. Set off from St. Peter’s Church at 9.00am. Tickets £8 adults and £4 children. For more information contact Margaret McDonald on 0161 225 0195


LEGION OF MARY GROUP meet every Thursday morning in St. Mary’s Meeting Room after the 9.30am morning Mass. Anyone  interested please come along, you will be most welcome.


ST. RICHARD’S: COFFEE MORNING held every Wednesday in the Sacristy after the 9.15am morning Mass.

BINGO every Sunday at 8pm in the presbytery. Come along. Everyone Welcome.


Items for the newsletter can be left at the presbytery or emailed to by Thursday midday at the latest. The weekend newsletter is published on Friday mornings.