Sunday 16th January 2022


 Parish Priest: Fr. Michael DeverTel. 0161 224 1498   



           St. Mary of the Angels & St. Clare Church, Elbow St, Levenshulme, M19 3PY

                             St. Richard Church, Sutcliffe Avenue, Longsight, M12 5TN

Resident at St. Mary’s Presbytery: Fr. Martin Dowd, Chaplain to the Central Manchester Hospital and Fr. Laurence Gambella.



Sunday 16th January 2022                                      



“Stay with us, Lord, on our Journey”


Latest Covid Guidelines

People displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home and not travel to church or participate in person. Hand sanitiser must be used on entering and leaving Church. The wearing of a face mask in church is now a government requirement (unless you are exempt) during the act of worship



Sunday 16th:: 9.30am Mass at St. Richard’s – 11am at St. Mary’s

Mon.17th: 9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Tues.18th: 9.30am Mass at St. Mary’s

Wed.19th: 9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Thurs.20th: 9.30am Mass at St. Mary’s

Friday 21st:9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Saturday 22nd: 11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s

Vigil Mass 5pm at St. Richard’s & 6.30pm at St. Mary’s

Saturday’s 10am – 11am Exposition at St. Marys Church


Feast of the Week

Monday: St Anthony, Abbot

Wednesday: St. Wulstan

Thursday: St Fabian, Pope and Martyr

Friday: Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr

Saturday: Saint Vincent, Deacon and Martyr


Pray for the Sick and Housebound and all those who are suffering from the coronavirus and others who are sick at this time, including Margaret Caulfield, Rose Clarke, Mike Clyne, Patrick Morrissey, Martin Morrow, Kathleen McLaughlin, Margaret Cawley, Paddy Kerrigan, Kathleen McGuigan, Margaret Cawley, Maureen Kennedy,  Kathleen Durkan, Neville Wright,   Graham Edwards, Karl McGlynn,  Steven Teague, Hannah Walsh, Margaret McAteer, Frank Kelly, Jackson Giles, Joe Micalef, Jim Hynes, Anna Kerrigan, Maria Valgamilli, Judy Miller, Alan Smith, Sarah Mitchell,  Mary Regan, Mary McGlade,  Christine Jackson, Mary Dunne.


Lately Dead: John Skeffington (Died in America 9.1.22), Tully Coll, Sadie McGovan, Brendan Costello, Sean O’Dwyer, Carol Silcock, Carole Foden, Con Keeney.

Anniversaries: Rita Campion, Margaret Comerford, Michael Jordan, Hughie Muldowney.


Pope Francis Prayer Intention for January:

For true human fraternity. We pray for all those suffering from religious discrimination and persecution; may their own rights and dignity be recognized, which originate from being brothers and sisters in the human family


FATHER LAURENCE: After five years at St. Mary’s, Levenshulme Fr. Laurence is leaving us this week. He is going to St. Mary’s Parish in Inverness in the Diocese of Aberdeen.

We thank Fr. Laurence for all that he has done in our parish during his time here, and of course his years as Hospital Chaplain at the M.R.I., Trafford General and The Christie hospitals.

We wish him every success and happiness in his new appointment and we will remember him in our prayers.



Applying for a place in Reception for 2022

The closing date for applying for a Reception place for your child for a September 2022 start is Monday 17th January 2022.

Manchester City Council will send offers of places to those who applied on-time on National Offer Day, 19th April 2022. Please remember a place in our Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception. Applying late means you have less chance of getting your preferred school. Please apply online and on time at:



 Pope Francis has called a Synod of the whole Church. He would like to know what we think about certain matters. This is new and exciting and we should all try to take part if we possibly can. If you use a computer then please click on the following link, which will take you to the questions we are being asked to answer. You can do this as an individual or a group of friends might like to do it together over a cup of coffee. If you do not use a computer, then please pick up a copy from the back of church. We have until the 1st March 2022 to respond to the Pope’s invitation



 Our Eucharistic Ministers are now able to take Holy Communion once more to the sick and housebound at home (though not yet to those in nursing homes). It’s possible now that some who used to attend Mass regularly before the pandemic may not now feel fit enough to return. Would you like Holy Communion to be brought to you at home? Please contact Fr. Dever (224 1498) or the Parish Office (248 8836).


SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: If anyone would like to go to Confession, please contact Fr. Dever on 0161` 224 1498 to make an appointment. Confession boxes cannot be used at this time.


WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Please take a copy of the newsletter home to remind you of the times of services and events during the coming week. Please take a copy to anyone you know who is sick or housebound.


.Items for the newsletter including Mass Intentions can be left at the Parish Office Tel. 0161 248 8836 or emailed to by Thursday midday. The weekend newsletter is published on Friday mornings!