Sunday 14th February 2021

Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Dever – Tel. 0161 224 1498
St. Mary of the Angels & St. Clare Church, Elbow St, Levenshulme, M19 3PY
St. Richard Church, Sutcliffe Avenue, Longsight, M12 5TN

Resident at St. Mary’s Presbytery: Fr. Laurence Gambella, Assistant Priest & Hospital Chaplain and Fr. Martin Dowd, Chaplain to the Central Manchester Hospital.


Sunday 14th February 2021        

  “Stay with us, Lord , on our Journey”


COVID-19: Church Guidance: Please sanitise hands on entering and follow safe distancing and instructions from the stewards. Sanitise hands again on exiting church by the side doors. All those who attend church must wear a face covering. Those that are exempt for medical reasons or children under 11 remain exempt. Please note for safety reasons toilets are closed.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended.

Church Mass Times –14th to 20th February

Sunday 14th                                                               Monday 15th
9.15am at St. Richard’s                                              9.15am at St. Richard’s
10.30am & 12 noon at St. Mary’s

Tuesday 16th                                                            Ash Wednesday 17th
9.30am at St. Mary’s                                                  9.15am at St. Richard’s
                                                                                      7.00pm at St. Mary’s

Thursday 18th                                                          Friday 19th
9.30am at St. Mary’s                                                 9.15am at St. Richard’s

Saturday 20th
10.00am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament – St. Mary’s followed by 11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s
5.00pm Vigil Mass at St. Richard’s
6.30pm Vigil Mass at St. Mary’s

Feast of the Week
Ash Wednesday 17th Feb. Day of Fasting and Abstinence
During Lent we pray for: Candidates for the Sacraments; women; the needy and hungry of the world, penitents and wanderers.

Pray for the Sick and Housebound and all those who are suffering from the coronavirus and others who are sick at this time, including Cath Dixon, Judy Miller, Steve Kerrigan, Margaret Coyle, George O’Connor, Mia O’Connor, Eileen Regan, Cath Dixon, Eamonn Walls, Mary McGlade, Maureen Woods, Benny Woods, Christine Jackson, Mark Graham, Mary Dunne, Jackie Clare. May the Good Lord strengthen and comfort them. Pray also for all who care for the sick.

Lately Dead: Tony McCarroll, Sue Lackin, Patrick McMenamin, Paddy Conroy, Colette O’Connor (Month’s Mind)
Anniversaries: Charles Coughlan, Hughie Kelly, Kathleen Coyne, Bridie & Tom Cassidy, John Quinn, Winifred Shawcross, Elizabeth Green.
Special Intentions: Colin and Family, Conn McLaughlin.
Get Well: Helen Foster

If you are admitted as a patient, please ensure the Chaplains’ Office is informed that you would like to be visited by a Catholic Minister. This has to be done by you or a relative.
Tel. 0161 276 4247/8 (Central Manchester Hospitals).
Christies Hospital Tel. 0161 446 3097.

ASH WEDNESDAY: Ash Wednesday 17th February is a day of fasting and abstinence. Ashes will not be put on your forehead but sprinkled over the head. Masses on the day are at 9.15am at St. Richard’s and 7pm. at St. Mary’s.

WALK WITH ME BOOKLETS – A Lenten Journey of Prayer
Copies of the booklet can be found on the table near the exit doors as you leave church. Why not take some to the sick and housebound in your neighbourhood?

LOCKDOWN: Churches can stay open and Masses can take place. However, given the rising rates of the Covid Infection, it must now be up to each individual parishioner to decide for themselves whether it is safe just now for them to come to Mass. Please don’t come to Church if you have been asked to isolate and let us be scrupulous about hand sanitising and social distancing. Please do not mix in church with those who aren’t in your household bubble or gather at the end of Mass.
Please be especially careful about how you leave the church, remain in your place for a few minutes and be guided by the stewards so as to avoid crowding at the exit doors. Please do not gather outside the church for a chat with friends, but go directly home. Stay safe and keep others safe.

PARISH MASSES: As Covid infections continue to rise, we should all be aware of the following points…
1. Keeping each other safe must remain our chief priority.
2. If you are feeling unwell or have been asked to shield or self-isolate then you must not come to church.
3. Whether you choose to come to Mass or choose to remain at home for the time being must remain the choice of each individual parishioner.
4. We are dependent on our Stewards for keeping our churches open. Some of our own Stewards may choose to stay at home making it hard for us to open. We must be aware that this is a possibility.
5. Above all, look forward to Easter when, if all goes well, we should be able to gather once again in our churches to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection.

OFFERTORY: Weekly contributions and gift aid envelopes can be dropped through the Presbytery letterbox. Alternatively, if you wish to switch from weekly envelope to a standing order, just provide your bank with the following details: Payee: The Salford Diocesan Trust St Robert of Newminster. Sort Code: 205534 Account Number: 40101222
Your support is much appreciated.

NEWSLETTER: Please pass on a newsletter to a neighbour or anyone who you think might appreciate it.

Items for the newsletter including Mass Intentions can be left at the Parish Office Tel. 0161 248 8836 or emailed to by Thursday midday. The weekend newsletter is published on Friday mornings!

DIOCESE OF SALFORDImage result for bishop arnolds logo

Pastoral Letter of the Right Reverend John Arnold, Bishop of Salford

To be read and circulated on the weekend of 13th/14th February 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My dear brothers and sisters,

I certainly had hoped that this letter would not need to be written and that by Lent 2021 we would have returned to free access to our churches which could fill to capacity and have no need for special sanitising and social distancing. I had thought we might be free of face masks and at liberty to talk together as we left church. That is not to be so. It is possible that some restrictions may be lifted during Lent, but some will undoubtedly remain. We must accept the circumstances in which we find ourselves and establish guidelines and encouragement for the Season of Lent, while keeping one another safe.

There is no doubt that the sense of celebrating “Church at Home” has appealed to many people during this past year and borne fruit for a more personal spirituality, without losing the sense of the parish community. If our personal prayer is strengthened during this difficult time, the sense of community can be the stronger as we emerge from lockdown and other restrictions. I remain very grateful for all the initiatives taken to maintain good contact and communication, especially with the housebound and isolated members of our communities.

There are the three signposts for our attention during Lent: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. These are themes for self-examination. Can they be the means for challenging ourselves, particularly in the experience of the Covid-pandemic, for re-setting our priorities, and stimulating action and change?
I am preparing videos to be available during Lent on each of these themes by which I would hope to invite you to review your own personal understanding and response to each one.

I would like to encourage a sense of freedom in prayer. We have, of course, our important formula prayers such as the Our Father and Hail Mary, and all the prayers of our liturgies, but I wonder how free people feel about prayer as a conversation, a chat, with God or with the saints? I wonder, too, how we feel about where we pray? Do we realise that we can effectively pray at home, in the street, at our workplace? Prayer does not have to be in church. We can talk to God in prayer at anytime, anywhere. There are lots of resources online these days, for example Pray as You Go, which can help us to pray on the way to work or when out walking or in a quiet place at home. You can find the website easily enough; PRAY AS YOU GO (

Fasting has its role in all the major world religions. It promotes a sense of self-discipline and can be a means by which we prepare for prayer or some form of spiritual exercise. In our own context, living as we do in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, we might employ fasting to recognise just how much we have in comparison to so many of our brothers and sisters.

Please remember the CAFOD Family Fast Day this year on Friday 26th February. Even if you cannot pick up one of the CAFOD envelopes from church, do please fast in some way and give the money you
save to help CAFOD help others. Once again, the CAFOD website is easy to find; ( – and you might even want to sign up for this year’s CAFOD Walk for Water initiative.

Our understanding of fasting might well help us to be aware of the increasing disparity between the rich and the poor in our world. Even in our advanced technological age we are failing to care for one another, and we see the rich getting richer and the poor poorer. 1% of the world’s population has 50% of the world’s wealth. There can be no justification for that, especially when so many people in that 99% live in abject poverty, dying of starvation. Almsgiving helps us to begin to right this wrong. It is not a matter of us being generous to those in need but beginning to tip the balance in the right direction We need to recognise also that we do not have to look to the distance to acknowledge poverty, it is very evident in the streets of our own cities and towns. In this year dedicated to St. Joseph, I commend to you the work of Caritas Diocese of Salford, known to many of you from your school days as St. Joseph’s Penny. If you can, simply look online for Caritas Salford (

If you do not have access to the internet, I hope the information about these suggestions will be printed in your parish newsletters or available in church. They are only suggestions – there are many ways of making this Lent holy

Some of our churches are closed at this time and may remain so for some weeks to come. Ash Wednesday will be celebrated in some of our churches and the ashes will be sprinkled on our heads rather than marked on our foreheads. Careful consideration will be given to the way that we may be able to celebrate Holy Week so please watch for news about your local church. There remains no obligation to attend Mass at this time, but you are welcome to live-stream one of the many Masses being celebrated in the Diocese and beyond. I hope that you will be able to sense the importance of the Season of Lent for yourselves and see how God is at work in your lives, even – and particularly – in these strangest of times.

Lent, of course, means springtime. The new life is beginning to break through the soil all around us. May we, after all these months, prepare to celebrate the new life of Easter.

Lent must be different this year because of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed on our ability to meet together. Let us take the opportunity to consider Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving in a new way and give time to the challenges that these present to each one of us.
And throughout Lent we pray “Stay with us, Lord, on our Journey”.

God bless you all,

Bishop of Salford