Sunday 10th July 2016

St. Mary of the Angels & St. Clare, Elbow Street, Levenshulme, M19 3PY.      (Parish Office) Tel. 0161 248 8836

St. Richard & St. Robert, Sutcliffe Avenue, Longsight, M12 5TN.        Tel. 0161 224 1498

Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Dever – Tel. 0161 224 1498 (Resident at St. Richard’s Presbytery)

Resident at St. Mary’s Presbytery Fr. David Egan – Tel. 0161 224 1895 and Canon David Ryder – Tel. 0161 225 9840 (Chaplains to Central M/c General Hospitals).   



                  “Stay with us, Lord, on our Journey”



 Sunday 10 July – 9.30am Mass at St. Richard’s &11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s

 Monday 11th July – 9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Tuesday 12th July – 9.15am Funeral Mass for Michael Oliver Finlan at St. Richard’s

 Wednesday 13th July – 9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Thursday 14th July – 9.30am Mass at St. Mary’s

Friday 15th July – 9.15am Mass at St. Richard’s

Saturday 16th July – 11.00am Mass at St. Mary’s

5.00pm Vigil Mass at St. Richard’s & 6.30pm Vigil Mass at St. Mary’s



Saturday 11.30am to 12noon at St. Mary’s

Saturday 4.30pm to 4.50pm at St. Richard’s


Feasts of the Week

Mon. 11th July: Saint Benedict, Abbot, Patron of Europe

Wed. 13th July: Saint Henry

Thurs. 14th July: Saint Camillus of Lellis, Priest

Fri. 15th July: Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor



Saint Camillus de Lellis: a saint who began life as a soldier: born in Italy in 1550, he began a life dedicated to ministering to the sick. He was ordained, and founded a congregation which set up hospitals, especially for the poor. He died in 1614, and is the patron of all health care workers.


Pray for the Sick and Housebound and those who are known to you especially Peter Hodkinson, John Hession & Jimmy Tierney. May the Good Lord strengthen and comfort them. Pray also for all who care for the sick.


Grant eternal rest to those who have died recently.

Michael Finlan, Tommy Keane, William Hamilton, Lindsey Connolly, Angela O’Reilly, Vincent Ward


Let your face shine upon those whose anniversaries are at this time. Lauren Catherine Wrynne, Sean Barrett, Tom Dempsey, Nora Stevens, Keith Shawcross.


REFLECTION:Even though we might know all there is to know about something we still might not be good at putting it into practice. That seems to lie at the heart of our Gospel today. Two questions lie at the heart of the Gospel story: What must I do to be saved? Who is my neighbour? Maybe they need each other. What must I do to be saved can be a self centred, selfish view; it needs to reach out and include others. Who is my neighbour needs the desire to see the face of God in all those that we meet. Jesus told us the golden rule is to love the Lord our God with all our hearts and our neighbour as ourselves. The call for us is not to just know it in our minds but let our hearts be open to show it in our lives. Jesus did this by offering his life on the cross to the Father, by out-stretching his hands for his brothers and sisters. We, on our journey of life, are called to now go and do the same.


SEA SUNDAY/SECOND COLLECTION TODAY: Loneliness, danger and separation from loved ones are just some of the problems seafarers face. Around the world, night and day, The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to those in need. As a Christian agency, we operate in more than 230 ports caring for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths. Sea Sunday is a day set aside in the Church’s calendar to remember seafarers and to pray for them, their families and those that serve them. Also donations of ‘T’ shirts, pullovers and weatherproof warm jackets are needed. Please see Sr. Edith with any donations of clothes.


CHARITY FUNDRAISING EVENT FOR FR. PAT CLARKE in support of Fr. Pat’s Mission for the Street Children in the Shanty Towns of Brazil takes place next Saturday 16th July from 7pm–midnight at St. Alphonsus Parish Centre, Powell St, Old Trafford, M16 7QQ. Dancing, Bar & Raffles. Tickets £5.


ST. MARY’S OFFERTORY COUNTERS NEEDED: Volunteers required to help with the counting of the weekend collections after the 11 o’clock Mass on Sundays. Would be required every fifth week for approximately one hour. Please contact Richard Molloy on 07791 925 190 anyone interested.


LEGION OF MARY GROUP meet every Thursday morning in St. Mary’s Meeting Room after the 9.30am morning Mass. Anyone  interested please come along, you will be most welcome.


ST. RICHARD’S: COFFEE MORNING held every Wednesday in the Sacristy after the 9.15am morning Mass.

BINGO every Sunday at 8pm in the presbytery. Everyone Welcome.



June Winners:

Prize: £50   Book 8   Line 1              Bethany Ascroft

           £50   Book 27   Line 5             Sean Foy

           £25   Book 32   Line 6            John Sutcliffe

           £25   Book 31   Line 10           Mrs. L. Kilroe

           £25   Book 1     Line 3             Celia Richardson


Items for the newsletter can be left at the presbytery or emailed to by Thursday midday at the latest. The weekend newsletter is published on Friday mornings.